Just lucky, I guess. I mean, we are. If Homeland Scrutiny Assholes can pay the coast guard for beer making kits for entertainment purposes, cut funds from DC, NY and LA, while rewarding the States of Indiana and Misery, pretty much anything can begin to make sense in the House of Bush.

3 thoughts on “THE REASON FOR BEING

  1. 1773 – Scottish settlers arrive at Pictou, Nova Scotia (Canada)

    1967 – Race riots in Memphis Tenn
    The Quote for the Day:
    “It is natural that people should differ most, and most violently, about the unknowable. . . . There is all the room in the world for divergence of opinion about something that, so far as we can realistically perceive, does not exist.”
    — E. Haldeman-Julius



    b) Mare Daley – innocent
    No, not of the frauds, the reeking corruption and the theft taking place in the city of Chicago with his tacit permission. No, this is about torture and the infamous Commander Burge.
    $6.9 million and 292 pages are what it took to weave an unplausible and unsavory report on torture by Chicago Police while Da Mare ran the Cook County State’s Attorney office. Yet, despite hundreds of confirmed cases of beaten false confessions, faked evidence and repeated complaints to Richie, they (his buddies writing the report) found him with totally clean hands.

    c) Ralph Reed
    enough said. Rhymes with loser.

    d) Lebanon
    There is no good news here. There are no innocents here. The whole region is deluded and insane. The good news is that Condi can play Mistress of the Dark again and lecture people far wiser, more exerienced and significantely better informed than she. The bad news is that the collapse of Baghdad is getting no coverage at all.

  2. July 22, 2006 – From the Church of Ineffable Stupidity:

    a) One of the most widely prescribed and used anti-histamines, Desloratadine, used to treat hay fever and other allergies, gets its bright yellow hue from the colorant E110 – a regulated coloring agent which has several key side affects: nasal congestion, runny nose, allergies, hyperactivity, kidney tumors . . . .
    – – – – – – – –

    b) US speeds supplies to Israel
    High tech guided bombs and missiles have rained on Lebanon to such a degree, that they were running out.
    Oh goodie. Let’s piss off everyone in the muddle east by supplying – and re-supplying – their invasion force.
    – – – – – – –

    c) Condi Rice.
    “nuff said.

  3. Temporary Ceasefire? vs. Permanent Ceasefire? Who the hell are they trying to kid?

    What a way to waste lives, while providing a fake bit of cover for Israel’s death march.

    First, let’s see through this silly game of semantics being pursued by Condi and other Bush tribesmen.
    A ceasefire is just that – a ceasefire. Wikipedia defines ceasefire as

    “A ceasefire is a temporary stoppage of a war, or any armed conflict, where each side of the conflict agrees with the other to suspend aggressive actions.”

    By definition, there is NO SUCH THING as a temporary or permanent ceasefire. A ceasefire is what it is. If the fighting parties are mature and trusting enough to settle their disputes during a ceasefire, and sign appropriate documents of peace, that temporary stoppage of war becomes an Armistice.
    Wikipedia defines “armistice thusly:
    “An armistice is the effective end of a war, when the warring parties agree to stop fighting. It is derived from the Latin arma, meaning weapons and stitium, meaning a stopping.
    “A truce or “ceasefire” usually refers to a temporary cessation of hostilities for an agreed limited time or within a limited area. A truce may be needed in order to negotiate an armistice. An armistice is a modus vivendi and is not the same as a peace treaty, which may take months or even years to agree on. The 1953 Korean War armistice is a major example of an armistice which has not yet been followed by a peace treaty.”

    So why the word games by Condi Rice? Well, other than confirming once again that her mental acquity is vastly overrated and that she is actually dimwitted and dense, it means that the Bush administration ACTIVELY SEEKS a third front, hopefully one that leads to Teheran and other temporarily peaceful areas. As if the failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan weren’t enough already.

    It also means that the year long planning by Israel was no fluke, that we (The US) knew far in advance of this invasion, and that there was absolutely no intent by Condi to reach any sort of agreement during her dog and pony trip to Tel Aviv, Beirut or Rome. To the contrary, she was there solely to take the heat off the administration and to provide cover for the growing war.

    It also proves that Israel has been taking war-planning lessons from Don Rumsfeld, much to its chagrin. Even Israeli generals are expressing shock at how ineffectual their air & shell, shock & awe campaign has gone. The H’zbullah are more resolute, angrier and more popular now than ever before. I feel sorry for the Israelis for their loss of civilian life. I feel sorry that they followed Rummie’s questionable tactics and poor planning. I feel sorry that Israelis have made themselves – and us – pariah nations among more than 2,000,0000,000 across this globe. Their leaders would have never done this without our approval, permission and military support.

    This administration has embarked on yet another disasterous trek, with obvious goals (Regional war with Iran and Syria). It creates semantic issues that do not exist by claiming that they want a “permanent ceasefire” versus a temporary one. It’s all horseshit, it is all a lie, it is war planning to the max by the neocons.

    Which raises three issues.
    1) Condi is “under attack” by the neoconmen of this administration. Perle and others claim that she is not strong enough and that they want her out. Bullshit. They LOVE how she performed in Lebanon and Italy, because they know that no peace or treaty or ceasefire will come until we are good and ready. This is a faux war on Condi – by attacking her, they make her and her policies seem more rational, at least more rational than the insane plans they actually follow.
    2) Does anyone really think that if we truly wanted to stop this invasion and humanitarian disaster, that we could with one phone call?
    “Yo, Olmert-baby, It’s George. Stop now. We are cutting off all military fuel, all missiles, all bombs and all support unless you do.”
    3) Condi has a new speachifying oratory trainer and writer. The words she uses sound so contrived, so difficult to use properly and so shallow and empty of content, that it pains me to listen to her talk. At least, more than before.
    One example – “status quo ante”. What a bullshit impotant sounding specious way of talking. It is the perfect example of trying to sound more mature, more intelligent and more professional. It also fails. Yes, status quo ante refers to the recent situtation, but in the context that she uses that term, it sounds ignorant and forced.
    Look, you stupid little twit, it is “STATUS QUO” – that is the common, accepted and appropriate usage, even among diplomats. Modern usage has caused the ‘ante’ to be dropped, unless you are playing cards.

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