A proposed clinical definition of religious-based illness

The truly religious ignore rational arguments and facts. They KNOW that theirs is the only answer and everyone else is wrong, all facts to the contrary. So, here is an attempt to define the mental disorder:

Delusional disorder, based in part on mistaken beliefs that one has special knowledge, identity with or relationship to a deity; despite repeated failure of prayer or other devotional activities, no change (positive or negative) ever takes place as a result of said prayers, however, the prayer activities remain at the same levels or increase in the face of constant failures; apart from the delusion, an individual’s functioning in other, non-religious matters is not markedly impaired, nor obviously odd or bizarre; any logical discussion of the delusion is met with an inability and absolute refusal to accept contrary facts or logical arguments; failure to follow the delusion by others results in the need for the deluded person to convince the others that the delusion is proper and righteous, and finally, that failure to follow the delusion will result in eternal damnation of the other’s soul.

Throughout history, terror has been a threat. Always.

Any global traveler can describe the beauty of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations. The most ancient parts of Europe, the muddle east, China, even Africa have monuments to man’s inhumanity to man.

The walled city of Vilnius, with its beautiful Ausros Vartai city gate, the moats and city walls surrounding the gorgeous city of Vienna, Strassburg, Budapest, the great wall of China, old Tibetan cities, castles and ancient walled cities near Bangkok, the original Edo of Japan, the walls protecting Aztec and Mayan ruins, moats around British and Scotish castles, – in fact, every single place where man has resided since historical times, you can still see huge monuments of industry, science and labor aimed at self-protection.

That is precisely why the myths of 9/11 and the lies of the Bush administration are so deliberately misguiding and false.

agnostic’s diary :: ::
Any collection of historical tales will have at least one story about roving gangs of thieves, of bandits, or highwaymen ready to pillage, rape and murder those they catch unprotected. City states were more often at war with one another than not. If water, food or money became scarce, or if some disease threatened one area, it was often easier and more profitable to attack someone else and take it from them, rather than to come up with a cure or a fix.

war and terror have always been part of humanity. those elements have shaped who and what we are today. there have been occasional, nay, RARE signs of civilization. Egypt ruled for thousands of years, until outside attacks and internal politics sapped its strength. Greece was famous for creating democracy, until it fell upon hard times. Roman roads were built for trade as much as for conquest. Once lands were taken over, they were incorporated into Roman society, with just laws and fair representation being the rule, not the exception. Even Western society has trifled with this “civilization” experiment. the league of nations, the UN, and even NATO were efforts to stop war, to secure existing borders and to promote peace.

with this backdrop we have 9/11, the event that according to Bush, ‘changed everything’. hardly.

The truly curious person should be struck by one glaring inconsistancy. The root cause of 9/11 has gone un-investigated. There has been no official research or investigation into what history, what events and what circumstances led us to such a painful and bloody event. In fact, Bush has stopped every effort to do just that. He even did his utmost to quash the 9/11 commission’s efforts into 9/11, as limited as they were. AND, Bush and his cronies did everything possible to put legal, and possibly illegal roadblocks into the commission’s efforts.

The cause of 9/11 is not what Bush says. It is not some PR-framed pithy statement like, “They hate us for our freedoms.” That non-sensical statement collapses with the slightest rational analysis. “They hate us for our freedoms” is actually brilliant – it is simple enough for Fox News watchers to grasp, it flows off the tongue easily, and it blunts any thinking person’s response, for the response is bound to be filled with facts, examples, proofs and logic – things that the Bush administration cannot stand.

Besides, they do not hate us for our freedoms. To the contrary, US-based Muslims love America as much as any NASCAR loving redneck in Georgia or Alabama. They love the fact that they can worship as they choose, although some towns in Kansas and South Carolina might try to change that.

The problem is not freedom or democracy. It is the long-standing policies, the unstated, unpublicized and unfortunate policies regarding hegemony, oil and global power that are the problems. These policies have never been a topic in a national debate, mainly because the powers that try to run the US don’t want their goals to be trumpted in public. They realize that the last thing they want to see is an honest national discussion about our foreign policies and actions.

Our foreign policy is the problem. It is the cause of war, poverty, Walmart-based pseudo-slavery, and worse. It is no wonder that the world is begining to hate us. What is incredible is that so many here remain in the dark about our real goals and actions – actions which have directly led to 9/11 and will lead to even worse problems in the future.

When our boys and girls put on their desert boots, I can only hope that they will sometime realize that they are not fighting for democracy, but Boeing, Haliburton, Exxon and Carlyle. I can only hope that Walmart’s profits and General Dynamic’s weapons sales are far more important than the loss of a limb, one’s eyesight or one’s life. I can only hope that some day, America will hold an honest, informed discussion about what our government has been doing around the world without telling us.

But it is a faint hope.

Of course, there’s a terra-alert

Chertoff and Gonzo suggested, in no uncertain terms, that this was a Al Qaida action based in the UK.

Let’s look at the “facts” as disclosed so far.

a) all 21 arrested were domestic Brit citizens.
b) they were well organized
c) they were working in concert
d) they planned to combine two fluids to make an explosive.
e) they were targetting US-bound flights.

– – – – –

And from this they come up with Al Qaida? Exceuse me, but bullshit.
a) if all were brit citizens, how do we know that they weren’t planning to take revenge on Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, or worse, McDonalds? Anyone want to bet that over time the 21 will decrease to 10, then 5, and after november, 1 or 2? Of course, being domestic BRIT citizens is the most powerful reason to call them Al Qaida.

b) What? ONLY AQ knows how to talk, plan and coordinate? Assuming this attack was going to occur, you have to be a Wahhabi trained muslim in order to read more than one plane schedule at any time? Since when does organization equate to muslim terrorist cells? If that were the case, Karl Rove’s election plans could also fall under that definition.

c) Working in concert? LIke a sports team? impossible for anyone other than a Saudi trained in Afghanistan or Pakistan. absolutely impossible.

d) duh. Take 4 parts glycerine. (the purer, the better) Get ice from the stew for your vodka. cool it off. Take 2 parts Nitric acid. Take 1 part Sulphuric acid. Mix carefully within banging, or friction. The globular stuff can be washed off with water in the lavoratory. Once you collect it, and rinse off the sulphuric and other liquids, you en up with nitroglycerin.
Nitro explodes with great force in small amounts. In fact, the warmer it gets, the more unstable it is and the more likely to blow. You can mix this in your garage in 15 minutes.
but of course, only Al Qaida would have the “techincal” knowledge to mix two or more liquids to create “an explosive”.

This smells. Something is rotten about this whole event. I simply cannot trust our government anymore.

August 9, 2006 – An ineffable Sermon

48 BC – Roman Civil War: Battle of Pharsalus – Julius Caesar decisively defeats Pompey at Pharsalus and Pompey flees to Egypt.

1988 – Baseball’s all-day-game era officially came to an end when the Cubs beat the Mets 6-4 in Wrigley Field’s first night game.

“A religion, even if it calls itself the religion of love, must be hard and unloving to those who do not belong to it.”
— Sigmund Freud
From the Church of Ineffable Stupidity:

a) sore + loser + man = Joe Lieberman
Ah, poor baby. can’t get a real job, so after 18 yrs, you care more for yourself than the party that told you “No mas, no mas!”

“Old politics of partisanship won today”
You stupid old gas-bag. How dare you say that, when the democratic process (without Diabold machines) worked?

Oh, and how did it feel spending 2x what Lamont spent, but forgetting to buy a professional level, working web server? You may want to talk to Doug Thompson about this stuff, dude.
– – – – – –

b) flip-flopping like a dying fish out of water
Hillary Clinton, pander-bear extraordinaire, is already sending out polling groups to see how to position herself on the war. Her first safe step, to read a script, carefully prepared by a staff, which was intended to show “independence” from Don Rumsfeld.
How brave of her. An incredible show of leadership qualities. How independent and effective! NOT!
– – – – –

c) that giant sucking sound?
No, not NAFTA. Well, NAFTA, too, according to GAO reports, if you sift through the data.
Nope, that BIG DIG thingie in Boston. Just to get it back on track – MAYBE – this project will suck the life out of all other road projects in the state, to the tune of $133,000,000 on top of the $15,000,000,000 previously wasted!
– – – – –

d) mikrosopht
just as they announce yet another delay in Vista, Apple announces another cat, this time in the form of a pouncing Leopard, that is scheduled for release that very same day.

Anyone want to bet which OS ACTUALLY makes it out on time?

What I did on my August Vacation.

First, let’s be clear about a few thing. It’s hard. It’s hard work. Working hard. Hard working. I earn my time off. And August is my time off. All of it. Always.
Another thing, these voices keep telling it like I be. I am the government. What I says, they goes. And idn’t fair for congress to take off the whole month, and not me. So, I got this comin. Besides, Condi will dress me up and take me out to those TV cameras. That’s hard work, too.

Besides, August is a dead month. Can’t sell new product in August. Can’t design no new piece in August. Can’t do no nothin in August. So, that’s that.

IraqNam is doin good. It is a ROLE MODEL for the rest of dem sand jockeys. it is a DE MO CRA CY, and that’s a good thing. How can it be a civil war? It ain’t. Fer one thing, there ain’t no slaves. A civil’s gotta have slaves. Can’t have a civil without ’em. So, it’s not a civil.

Do I know what else you think? Like about Baghdad and this sex-tarian violence? well, can’t make eggs without cracking a few om’lets. And om’lets are good. Heh heh.
Had a good one this morning. Cheese, onions and on the side, some of dat pig roast I brung back from Germany. Man, now, there’s a breakfast. Now you see, I can vacation because we are a democracy and so are the iraqistanis. They spoke their voices and voted with their thumbs. So this violence is just a corner we need to turn. And they will be a strong ally on the war on terra. That’s a success, not some sexytarian war. “cause it ain’t civil.

So Iraqnam is goin good. Our plan is working. They got a GOV EARN MINT that they elected. So, it’s good. Your gotta unnerstand, it’s A Democratic in Action.

Now about this Lebanon thing. Israel has a right to defer itself. And those folks on Syria and Iran and Iraqnam have gotta unnerstand, that they gotta quit supporting terra-ists. They gotta quit or else.
And we have a plan. It’s a good plan. It’s a plan that we – Condi ‘n me, we worked hard on that plan. So it is good. And that plan is how to keep the peace. And only with a real plan will peace come about. So all this crazy talk about cease-fires, well that’s just plain silly. If there is a cease fire, we can’t have a real piece. Without a real piece there will be no war, so that’s why we can’t have a cease fire. It won’t be real.

I mean, if they – the terra-ists would just stop attacking Israel, and if they sat down over a dinner, and we had a pig roast and talked over a meal, like, with Israel, we could work all this out. But we can’t. Because they is terra-ists. Can’t sit and eat with terra-ists. Can’t dine on pig roasts with terra-ists. Can’t talk to terra-ists. So that’s the plan.

So, my vacation is right and good now. Iraqnam is good. Lebanon is in good hands. heh, heh. In good hands, like State Farm. Like on my farm. my ranch. So vacations are good.
Now, watch this drive.

August 6, 2006 – science quiz

In 1806, the Holy Roman Empire went out of existence as Emperor Francis II abdicated.

In 1965, President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act.

“In our windy world, what’s up is faith, what’s down is heresy.”
— Alfred Tennyson

From the Church of Ineffable Stupidity:
a) Parse this Snow-flake
Tony Snow, on George Bush’s little Texas Vacation and the growing disasters in Lebanon, IraqNam, Gaza, and Afghanistan:
“I don’t think he has any illusions about what lies ahead.”

This means:
a) George Bush was delusional before, but his meds kicked in.
b) Tony Snow has no present recollection about the state of the president’s delusions.
c) Snow recognizes that Bush is too far gone to recognize illusion as mere magic tricks.
d) Snow was referring to the shrub Bush intends to clear from his ranch, rather then the devastation and loss of innocent lives brought on by failed US muddle east policies.
e) other.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — –

IT’S Silly Science Sunday Quiz Thyme!

1. The science that deals with the Universe beyond the Earth is called
a. Chemotherapy
b. Astronomy
c. Psychology
d. Bible studies
e. Gastroenterology

2. The fourth planet from the sun is
a. Earth
b. Pluto
c. Mars
d. Alpha Centari
e. The bible tells us that they are all god’s creations, painted on a heavenly tapestry 6,015 years ago.

5. What causes ion storms to form?
A. High and low pressure earthly weather fronts collide, causing a little ionics to form in the upper atmosphere which sometimes extends to the ground. These ionics storm around like angry native American Indians seeking their very own white man scalp.
B. God uses ions to kill sinners when He wants a quick result, as opposed to the somewhat slower means of plagues and pestilence.
C. An interplanetary coronal mass ejection (ICME), caused by the disruption of the fast and slow solar winds. “ion storms” are also called “solar storms” or “space storms”

6. Why are some women unable to have children?
A. It is their punishment for being adulterers, wiccans, pagans, supporters of reproductive rights and the woman’s right to vote. (whether they admit these sins or not).
B. It is the product of fallopian tubes that are not fully developed or complications with the uterus that are the result of various medical phenomena.
C. THEY are evil descendants of the island of Lesbos, meaning that they will forever be banned from understanding their subservient role among god’s first creation, man.

7. What causes tsunamis?
A. Intense heat in the Earth’s core causes platelets to collide, thereby shaking and splitting the ground, causing major waves to form on the surface of the ocean.
B. God inflicts earthquakes on sinners when he is really angry.
C. Tsunamis are caused by Al Gore’s global warming. Nature is so repelled by his foolishness that even the oceans try to escape it
D. Tsunamis do not exist. They are make-believe fictions created to sell ad space on CNN and Faux News.

8. Genetic manipulation of embryonic stem cells is thought to be:
a. a potential cure for many deadly conditions and diseases
b. a mortal sin in god’s eyes, although signing statements permitting torture of civilian prisoners in Iraq, the “collateral damage” resulting in the deaths of thousands during US bombing campaigns, and the utter devastation caused by US Middle East policies are not sins.
c. is totally different, ethically, morally and biblicly, than the death penalty. One is blessed by god, the other is a mortal sin.

9. Why do certain areas of the world experience drought?
A. When the last scotch bottle heads towards empty, dangerous drought conditions are considered to exist
B. This God’s punishments for sin.
C. Rain is the devil’s way to saying that your stink will fit in perfectly in Hell.
D. Imbalance in humidity, rain and weatherfronts can lead to sustained lack of rainfall. El Nino and La Nina are prime examples of causes of drought.

10. Why are some men afflicted with hemorrhoids?
A. The affliction is yet another of God’s countless methods of punishing sinners.
B. Hemorrhoids occur when veins in the rectum enlarge from straining or pressure.
C. Some members of the GOP are genetically inclined to be pains in the rears for everyone around them. This is called hyperhemmorrhoidism
D. The use of public toilets is the sole cause for this condition.
E. men who hang around with women descended from Lesbos are destined to sit on their asses and itch.

I am a mortal enemy to arbitrary government and unlimited power. I am very jealous for the rights and liberties of my country; the least encroachment on those invaluable privileges makes my blood boil. Benjamin Franklin

Church gospel 8/1/06

1873 – The first cable streetcar in America began operation on Clay Street Hill in San Francisco, CA.

1943 – This day marked the groundbreaking ceremony in Oak Ridge, TN for the first uranium 235 plant.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

“All knowledge that is not the real product of observation, or of consequences deduced from observation, is entirely groundless and illusory.”
— Jean Baptiste LaMarck

a) Condi Rice
This insigificant little twit, this foolish child, this absolute failure, this – well, she had a news conference. She proudly stomped her Pradas to the microphone and announced that she successfully got Israel to agree to 48 hours of no more attacks by Israeli planes.

Unfortunately, Israel forgot to tell its army about Condi’s agreement. In fact, Israel has increased its aerial attacks and is doubling its ground forces.

Condi, you are sooooooo good.

b) GM products – A Chinese nightmare
China jumped with both feet into the cotton GM field, removing fields of natural and hybrid cotton and replacing them with one version of GM cotton, one that would not be eaten by a particular voracious insect.

oh oh. You would think that Don Rumsfeld was put in charge of Chinese farm policy. This genetically modified cotton has no resistance to two new insects and a brad new disease. Their (huge) entire cotton crop is at serious risk.

c) Cuba policies
Kennedy: Our policy is to replace Castro
Johnson: Our policy is to replace Castro
Nixon: Our policy is to replace Castro
Ford: Our policy is to replace Castro
Carter: Our policy is to replace Castro
Reagan: Our policy is to replace Castro
Bush: Our policy is to replace Castro
Clinton: Our policy is to replace Castro
Bush: We have turd the corner on the War on Terra.

One would think that Don Rumsfeld and Condi Rice were running our Cuba policy. Oh, wait. They were.
– – – –

d) Exciting product safety calls.
Honda started a national ad program wherein owners could call in and learn about the status of their cars.
The ad used a 800 number instead of 888, which directed callers to a 90cents a minute porn line.
– – – – – – – –

e) Iraqnam
One thing for the Qana massacre. It took the growing disaster known as Iraqnam off the front pages.
10 US and Iraqi businessmen were kidnapped Sunday; 23 were shot Saturday; 8 US soldiers were killed; multiple shells now fall within and around the green zone; three top people on the Iraqnam Reconstruction project were stopped and beheaded in broad daylight in Bghdad; Despite 10,000 more troops within Baghdad, travel outside the green zone, even in overwhelming numbers, is becoming ever more dangerous. Important flights (those with generals or State officials, or Haliburton thieves) now take off only at night, without landing lights, because of increased attacks on the airport.
– – – –

F) stands for the grade earned by General Geoffry Miller.
He was in charge of Gitmo when the torture started. He was so successful at violating the Geneva Conventions, that he was promoted to run Abu Grhaib. Mission accomplished! The systemic abuses started there shortly after he arrived.
He retired yesterday – with fool honors for being an innovative leader and ann exceptional person. Yeah, it is easy to take exception to this person.

I am a mortal enemy to arbitrary government and unlimited power. I am very jealous for the rights and liberties of my country; the least encroachment on those invaluable privileges makes my blood boil. Benjamin Franklin