Church gospel 8/1/06

1873 – The first cable streetcar in America began operation on Clay Street Hill in San Francisco, CA.

1943 – This day marked the groundbreaking ceremony in Oak Ridge, TN for the first uranium 235 plant.

Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

“All knowledge that is not the real product of observation, or of consequences deduced from observation, is entirely groundless and illusory.”
— Jean Baptiste LaMarck

a) Condi Rice
This insigificant little twit, this foolish child, this absolute failure, this – well, she had a news conference. She proudly stomped her Pradas to the microphone and announced that she successfully got Israel to agree to 48 hours of no more attacks by Israeli planes.

Unfortunately, Israel forgot to tell its army about Condi’s agreement. In fact, Israel has increased its aerial attacks and is doubling its ground forces.

Condi, you are sooooooo good.

b) GM products – A Chinese nightmare
China jumped with both feet into the cotton GM field, removing fields of natural and hybrid cotton and replacing them with one version of GM cotton, one that would not be eaten by a particular voracious insect.

oh oh. You would think that Don Rumsfeld was put in charge of Chinese farm policy. This genetically modified cotton has no resistance to two new insects and a brad new disease. Their (huge) entire cotton crop is at serious risk.

c) Cuba policies
Kennedy: Our policy is to replace Castro
Johnson: Our policy is to replace Castro
Nixon: Our policy is to replace Castro
Ford: Our policy is to replace Castro
Carter: Our policy is to replace Castro
Reagan: Our policy is to replace Castro
Bush: Our policy is to replace Castro
Clinton: Our policy is to replace Castro
Bush: We have turd the corner on the War on Terra.

One would think that Don Rumsfeld and Condi Rice were running our Cuba policy. Oh, wait. They were.
– – – –

d) Exciting product safety calls.
Honda started a national ad program wherein owners could call in and learn about the status of their cars.
The ad used a 800 number instead of 888, which directed callers to a 90cents a minute porn line.
– – – – – – – –

e) Iraqnam
One thing for the Qana massacre. It took the growing disaster known as Iraqnam off the front pages.
10 US and Iraqi businessmen were kidnapped Sunday; 23 were shot Saturday; 8 US soldiers were killed; multiple shells now fall within and around the green zone; three top people on the Iraqnam Reconstruction project were stopped and beheaded in broad daylight in Bghdad; Despite 10,000 more troops within Baghdad, travel outside the green zone, even in overwhelming numbers, is becoming ever more dangerous. Important flights (those with generals or State officials, or Haliburton thieves) now take off only at night, without landing lights, because of increased attacks on the airport.
– – – –

F) stands for the grade earned by General Geoffry Miller.
He was in charge of Gitmo when the torture started. He was so successful at violating the Geneva Conventions, that he was promoted to run Abu Grhaib. Mission accomplished! The systemic abuses started there shortly after he arrived.
He retired yesterday – with fool honors for being an innovative leader and ann exceptional person. Yeah, it is easy to take exception to this person.

I am a mortal enemy to arbitrary government and unlimited power. I am very jealous for the rights and liberties of my country; the least encroachment on those invaluable privileges makes my blood boil. Benjamin Franklin

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