Throughout history, terror has been a threat. Always.

Any global traveler can describe the beauty of the most famous and beautiful tourist destinations. The most ancient parts of Europe, the muddle east, China, even Africa have monuments to man’s inhumanity to man.

The walled city of Vilnius, with its beautiful Ausros Vartai city gate, the moats and city walls surrounding the gorgeous city of Vienna, Strassburg, Budapest, the great wall of China, old Tibetan cities, castles and ancient walled cities near Bangkok, the original Edo of Japan, the walls protecting Aztec and Mayan ruins, moats around British and Scotish castles, – in fact, every single place where man has resided since historical times, you can still see huge monuments of industry, science and labor aimed at self-protection.

That is precisely why the myths of 9/11 and the lies of the Bush administration are so deliberately misguiding and false.

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Any collection of historical tales will have at least one story about roving gangs of thieves, of bandits, or highwaymen ready to pillage, rape and murder those they catch unprotected. City states were more often at war with one another than not. If water, food or money became scarce, or if some disease threatened one area, it was often easier and more profitable to attack someone else and take it from them, rather than to come up with a cure or a fix.

war and terror have always been part of humanity. those elements have shaped who and what we are today. there have been occasional, nay, RARE signs of civilization. Egypt ruled for thousands of years, until outside attacks and internal politics sapped its strength. Greece was famous for creating democracy, until it fell upon hard times. Roman roads were built for trade as much as for conquest. Once lands were taken over, they were incorporated into Roman society, with just laws and fair representation being the rule, not the exception. Even Western society has trifled with this “civilization” experiment. the league of nations, the UN, and even NATO were efforts to stop war, to secure existing borders and to promote peace.

with this backdrop we have 9/11, the event that according to Bush, ‘changed everything’. hardly.

The truly curious person should be struck by one glaring inconsistancy. The root cause of 9/11 has gone un-investigated. There has been no official research or investigation into what history, what events and what circumstances led us to such a painful and bloody event. In fact, Bush has stopped every effort to do just that. He even did his utmost to quash the 9/11 commission’s efforts into 9/11, as limited as they were. AND, Bush and his cronies did everything possible to put legal, and possibly illegal roadblocks into the commission’s efforts.

The cause of 9/11 is not what Bush says. It is not some PR-framed pithy statement like, “They hate us for our freedoms.” That non-sensical statement collapses with the slightest rational analysis. “They hate us for our freedoms” is actually brilliant – it is simple enough for Fox News watchers to grasp, it flows off the tongue easily, and it blunts any thinking person’s response, for the response is bound to be filled with facts, examples, proofs and logic – things that the Bush administration cannot stand.

Besides, they do not hate us for our freedoms. To the contrary, US-based Muslims love America as much as any NASCAR loving redneck in Georgia or Alabama. They love the fact that they can worship as they choose, although some towns in Kansas and South Carolina might try to change that.

The problem is not freedom or democracy. It is the long-standing policies, the unstated, unpublicized and unfortunate policies regarding hegemony, oil and global power that are the problems. These policies have never been a topic in a national debate, mainly because the powers that try to run the US don’t want their goals to be trumpted in public. They realize that the last thing they want to see is an honest national discussion about our foreign policies and actions.

Our foreign policy is the problem. It is the cause of war, poverty, Walmart-based pseudo-slavery, and worse. It is no wonder that the world is begining to hate us. What is incredible is that so many here remain in the dark about our real goals and actions – actions which have directly led to 9/11 and will lead to even worse problems in the future.

When our boys and girls put on their desert boots, I can only hope that they will sometime realize that they are not fighting for democracy, but Boeing, Haliburton, Exxon and Carlyle. I can only hope that Walmart’s profits and General Dynamic’s weapons sales are far more important than the loss of a limb, one’s eyesight or one’s life. I can only hope that some day, America will hold an honest, informed discussion about what our government has been doing around the world without telling us.

But it is a faint hope.

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