A proposed clinical definition of religious-based illness

The truly religious ignore rational arguments and facts. They KNOW that theirs is the only answer and everyone else is wrong, all facts to the contrary. So, here is an attempt to define the mental disorder:

Delusional disorder, based in part on mistaken beliefs that one has special knowledge, identity with or relationship to a deity; despite repeated failure of prayer or other devotional activities, no change (positive or negative) ever takes place as a result of said prayers, however, the prayer activities remain at the same levels or increase in the face of constant failures; apart from the delusion, an individual’s functioning in other, non-religious matters is not markedly impaired, nor obviously odd or bizarre; any logical discussion of the delusion is met with an inability and absolute refusal to accept contrary facts or logical arguments; failure to follow the delusion by others results in the need for the deluded person to convince the others that the delusion is proper and righteous, and finally, that failure to follow the delusion will result in eternal damnation of the other’s soul.

6 thoughts on “A proposed clinical definition of religious-based illness

  1. Who cares about blind devotees. The mechanism is the same, whether the person utilizing it is smart or stupid. Scientists are finally begining to uncover that human thoughts control the movement of electrons in atoms. We are not just observers but participants. We contribute to making our reality.

    Whatever a person believes, life proves it to him. The mechanism never fails. Your thoughts create reality. Look what a person’s life looks like when the poor bloke considers himself unlucky. Will life not prove it to him. Its pure quantum physics. Everyone thinks so differently, projects it onto the outside, and then has actual life experiences to prove it. One person goes… dude, listen its like this, I can prove it to you, because life has shown me its true, in concrete experiences …. and the other guy goes… you are wrong, because its like this – and he is correct as well, can sign it with his own blood, having experiences that prove it to him.

    The religious and non-religious are as varied as life itself. There are the stupid, blind devotees stuck on dogmas, and there are others who have a living faith PLUS can think logically, coordinating their heart with mind. Then there are those who can think logically, but are infact so cynical that they haven’t got an inkling of fluidity, improvization or love in them and therefore real life wisdom. “Sheesh, what’s he so happy about, is he crazy, spending so much money on flowers?” Buddy says he’s in love. The psychologist conversely, says he has a fixation disorder. HA HA HA!

    Honestly if a person TRULY believes that a black cat crossing the street will bring him bad luck, guess what, it will bring him chaos and unfavorable conditions. If another dude trully believes that the same black cat will bring him fortune, the cat will be a symbol for his subconsious mind, liberating positive potential and bringing that good luck – because he believe in it unwaveringly.

    Whatever we don’t accept or fear we attract to our experience even more… until we digest it, see it as part of a bigger whole, and it doesn’t bother us anymore. We see the sense of that stupid man, the reason for all that human malice – not just with our rationalle, but we understand it deeper – the world becomes a dance of polarities that harmonize into a perfect oness.
    Separating somethig as favorable and another as unfavorable – means we are spearated on the inside, something is out of proportion, our thoughts are not in sinch with our feelings (we believe one thing but feel another) … its a split, its a Schizophrenia. Logic can prove anything, both ways… but its flat, its linear … and life is multidimensional. Intuition gives access to an even higher understanding because its a faculty higher than logic, and only uses logic as an element of its being, not as THE defining aspect.

    Science and religion was always together and only split, like what, 190 yeas ago. Logic is such a limited way to perceive reality. Logic is important, but not everything, only an element. Science is based on proof. What is proof… being able to repeat the same results over and over again. If you can’t repeat it, then it doesn’t exist. Yet your body just changed a thousand cells, since you started reading this, the planets are revolving, galaxies in motion… nothing will ever be in the same place again. The best scientists are the ones who have the humility to admit they don’t know everything. When they make room in their logic like that, something higher has room to enter, and arrange that logic. Einstein went Eureka while playing with bubbles in his bathtub. He was a genius, yet even he believed there is something higher than human thought. Science without religion is limited, and religion without science blind. Yet science these days usurps the right to consitute about everything. Can science answer the primodial question – why do we humans exist? What is the sense of our life?

  2. continued…. yo particles of good ol’ H2O are definately not indifferent to human intention/prayer/thoughts produced. Here’s a cool Japanese scientist who initially conducted research on a poluted water basin in Japan – collecting water samples, freezing them and observing under a high definition microscope the water crystals. His findings are astounding!! But stale news to those who read anything on quantum physics – ha! http://www.spiritproject.com/medicus/masaru_emoto/index.htm Oh yeah, humans are like what? 75% water — as a side note I wouldn’t get rattled by religious devotees. They will not get anywhere on blind faith either. Living faith with experience is different – religion just a tool – which everyone uses according to their level of consiousness … which is very varried, ha ha ha!

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