The REAL problem with Speaker Pelosi

To be fair, it is not just one issue. It is not simply being from San Fran, nor being a perceived liberal, nor being a woman (ergo hysterical, emotional, cat-fighting, menstruating, etc), nor is it the fact that she attempting to herd a gaggle of cats known as the Democrat Party House Congresscritters. It is all of that and it is none of that.

It is immaterial who the new speaker is. The GOP response would have been the same regardless of who it was. They, under Mitch McConnell, Ed Gillespie, Dick Cheney, and many other hatchetmen, would have pulled the same criticisms, complaints and below the belt attacks on any Democrat who would be taking control in a month and a half. Heck, these talking heads are already blaming us for inaction WHILE THEY CONTROL THE CONGRESS! And not one MSM talking head has bothered to call them on their campaign. Perhaps, KO, but few others.

Nancy Pelosi is a smart, experienced, and respected leader. Her steady hand has been obvious throughout her tenure as minority leader; I expect the same degree of exellence and professionalism from her as Speaker. These attacks are meant to hamstring her, to make her lame, to make her damaged goods in the minds of Americans in advance of ’08. The fact that she is female, liberal, from San Fran AND successful in herding cats simply makes her more of a target.

One thing I admire about her is how she is dealing with the strain and responsibility of arranging the new congress. It is no easy task. She has a snake in the grass in J. Harman, an AIPAC operative more in line philosophically with the neocons than the Dems. She has history with Alcee Hastings, an undistinguished jurist, but a popular and apparently, effective legislator and representative. She shows a willingness to support mavericks, like Murtha, yet reach to Boehner and make peace in a public and convincing way. She has 230 children she must coral, tame, and at the same time, keep energized. Considering that there are at least that many personalities (some suffer from multiple ones), egos, needs, demands, assets and liabilities, while undergoing one of the most aggressive attack campaigns before taking office, she is doing a bang-up job. We are lucky to have her where she is.

The attacks on Speaker Pelosi (damn, that just rolls off the tongue so comfortably, no?) remind me of something that took place in 1992, when a governor from a backwards southern state was about to be sworn into office. We made a serious mistake then. We did not defend Bill Clinton as we should have early on. It was understandable, although regretable, because most of us hardly knew him or about him. After months of constant attacks, many of us actually believed that there had to be something behind the rumors, etc. So we sat by and watched as special prosecutors sucked the life and energy out of his appointees; as rumors grew and grew, until they sounded like conventional wisdom instead of a finely crafted(and false) attack. In retrospect, the attack mounted on Bill Clinton was a conspiracy of sorts. It was financed, organized, and controlled by some rabid neoconMen intent on controlling all branches of government. Well, they succeeded – and look where that got us. They are starting their nepharious attacks again, this time against Nancy Pelosi. This time we cannot afford to sit back and let them do their damage. We need to out the attackers, refute all accusations, and place the blame squarely where it belongs – on the folks who got us here in the first place.

The real problem with Pelosi is that she exists at all. That is reason enough for these attack dogs. And that is reason enough for us to stand behind her and support her during these trying first days. You go, Nancy. We love and respect you!

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