Victor Davis Hanson – he puts “Demented” in the word NeoConMan

the Harry Potter series has a beast that resembles Poor ole Vic. His recent scribing, well, only a dementor you know and love could get away with it.

One of the zingers – We cannot afford to talk to Iran at this moment because

students shouted down Ahmadinejad, so therefore their country is collapsing. Ergo, if we talk to him, he will get stronger.

Hell, if Bush ever dared to show up in an unscreened public forum, by that same standard, the US would be in the middle of a civil war. At elast Olde Vic does not want to invade Iran today. probably the only good point he makes.

Yes, Iran has falling oil revenues and production. But that is bad only in the eyes of US oil producers. They want more, more, more. They ignore Iran’s repeated public statements and plans to slowly cut down production and exports, in order to preserve their natural, national resource. (conservation? that is as big a sin to Hanson as is energy self-sufficiency, or moving from the dollar to the euro) Dementors like Hanson also treat nuke power as good, so long as we do it, but bad, so long as Iran does it.

Iran has told the UN, the US, the EU and anyone else who would listen what they want to do. Stop Taliban and Al Qaida from terrorizing their own people (they hate both groups as much as Hanson does) They want to wean themselves off of oil production and sales as their sole lifeline. They want to preserve their oil for future generations of Iranians. They want nuke power to provide their people with electricity without using oil.

It is all logical, except if you are a dementor. like Hanson.

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“The intelligence was deeply flawed. . .” another campaign step by HIllary
Posted by antifaschits in General Discussion
Wed Dec 20th 2006, 01:35 PM
Frankly, I am sick and tired of oh so careful pols explaining their own lack of curiosity, gullibility, and fear of being accused soft on terra saying “the intelligence was deeply flawed” Hillary just joined many other Dems and GOPers saying precisely the same damned thing.

Two problems with this.
a) it is a lame excuse, especially when she is one of 100 top elected national figures, WHOSE JOB IT IS TO INVESTIGATE, CONFIRM AND QUESTION while insuring that our constitution is protected from enemies from without and within. Hillary, you failed miserably in keeping your oath of office. apologize. Simply blaming intel does not cut it.

b) It is also untrue.
It is not the case that intel was deeply flawed; to the contrary, the intel was what it was. Hell, State’s own tiny, underfunded and incredibly accurate intel department repeately raised flags of warning – which were ignored by the likes of Hillary and other war-mongerers now looking for cover. NO, the real problem was that perfectly good intel was sent cold and unsupervised into the Office of Special Projects, Darth Cheney’s gift to the American soldier in IraqNam. Stoving piping is the act of dealing with data in a way that keeps others from seeing the big picture. Many corporations do this, mainly because local power despots like to appear important, not realizing that it hurts the entire company. Sometimes it is done on purpose, like when OSP was involved in it. Combined with cherry picking, only the intel they wanted out actually got out. Any qualifiers, and serious questions and any contrary data was stomped on like a Burmese python infesting a Florida Swamp.

So Hillary, by stating this on boredcast TV last night, you have in so many words, announced your candidacy, and your intent to correct your prior errors without admitting a mistake. So sorry, but that won’t cut it. You don’t even have the balls to admit that you were wrong and that you failed to uphold your oath of office. No, instead, you triangulate and obfuscate: “If I knew then, what I know now. . . ” LOOK, WOMAN! IT WAS YOUR JOB TO FIND OUT. You have shown yourself to be self-promoting, playing it ultra-safe, and incapable of admitting a mistake, always looking at how an issue polls, rather than do your duty. Shame on you.