Israel Became a Terrorist State Yesterday.

2002 – IDF forces murder unarmed, non-threatening Palestian mother in front of her husband and daughter.

2009 – After a complete blockade of Gaza proves ineffective, IDF forces invade the Gaza strip, using tanks, armor, jets and helicopters against unarmed civilians.


“These efforts I believe are clear proof of our intentions and our direction: We want peace!”

– – –   Bibi Netenyahu, defending his Gaza invasion

“The fate of the collaborators in the Knesset will be identical to that of those who collaborated with the Nazis. Collaborators, as well as criminals, were executed after the Nuremberg trials at the end of the World War Two. I hope that will be the fate of collaborators in this house.”

– – –  Avigdor Lieberman, on Arab-Israeli  members of  the Knesset.

Far beyond Israel’s claimed international waters, Israeli forces attacked the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish flagged ship (one of six)  carrying hundreds of tons of medicine, food, generators for hospitals and schools, concrete and other building materials.  To say that this humanitarian aid is desperately needed is an understatement. Using smoke and stun grenades, automatic weapons, and other devices, Israel concocted an event, and murdered at least 9 unarmed people, and injured at least 50 more.

Israel claims that this unprovoked attack was legal. Because they claimed that this would open up Gaza to arms from Iran and Syria, they could stop this humanitarian flotilla in any way possible. The above cited BBC story paints the Israelis as the caring, loving, crowd control humanitarians, intent on protecting those on the ship from harming themselves.

Every news channel in the US, cable and broadcast, seem to have a calm, perfectly rational, friendly, and appropriately sad PR person, starting with the Ambassador, to Israeli experts who always manage to blame the Palestinians.

Unfortunately, the standard of journalism has fallen greatly in recent times, so as expected, not one person has bothered to ask the hard questions. So, let’s do a few of  them here. I don’t expect any rational answers, only spin from Israel’s many PR plants, here and elsewhere.

When Israel shot hundreds of thousands of cluster bombs into Southern Lebanon, did it ever consider that children would be at the highest risk?

Why did Israel ever think that its 2007 blockade (continuing to date) would lead to a friendly Gaza?

Why did Israel aim for hospitals, government buildings, and power and water stations when it invaded Gaza in January of 2009?

Why did Israel think that an international act of terror, such as attacking a humanitarian flotilla in international waters would be acceptable to the rest of the world?

When Israel locked down Gaza in 2007, after disrupting shipments for months, it did so because Gaza elected Hamas (when against all expert advice, here, in Israel, in Gaza and in Europe,  Condi and W forced  a Palestinian election). Israel’s lesson (the blockade)  was badly learned, apparently.  Because no food, water, oil, gas, medical supplies, construction supplies, or even school books  were permitted in, and because the people were reaching the breaking point (starvation, epidemics, infant and adult death) Israel was “forced” to invade Gaza in 2009.  To clean it up.  At the barrel of a tank. Their eventual withdrawal left Gaza even more tattered and decimated.

Several respected US experts, UN observers, and European experts have called the current conditions in the Gaza Prison (What better term is there for those conditions?) appalling and at a breaking point. It is far past the crisis stage and entering massive loss of life.

Yet, Israel continues to have an active military presence and had repeatedly denied calls to allow basic food, water and medicine in. The impact has been beyond imagination.

O May 4, 2009, a commission began studying the conditions in Gaza. Led by the highly respected Justice Richard Goldstone, former member of the South African Constitutional Court and former Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, the commission had two extended visits to Gaza. Repeated requests for trips to the West Bank and Israel were denied each time by Israel. A presence in Gaza was maintained for more fact finding.

In September, 2009, the Commission completed its work and issued its findings.  The PDF of their report can be found here: The UN Fact Finding Mission Report

Israel is not monolithic on its mistreatment of Gaza. Many Israelis are bemoaning its  terrorist attack, and even more are angry, tired and frustrated about how Gaza residents live in untenable, deadly conditions. Simply getting food and water to all residents would make their lives much easier.

Unfortunately, Israel does not allow local protests about its policies to go unchecked. Just yesterday, IDF troops shot an unarmed  21 yr old, female American Jewish protester in the eye, resulting in the loss of the eye. Emily Henochowitz loses eye after being deliberately shot in the face with teargas cannister.

Some here may wonder why our Congress has been so regrettably silent on this attack.  Here’s the reason that our Congress will do nothing.
Today’s Congress is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIPAC, and no act of terror, violence, or war (Gaza, Lebanon, etc) seems to be strong enough to wake Congress up from its comfortable, bribed condition.

The spin has been remarkable, mainly for how our MSM love playing the role of willing and gullible dupes of Israel. Because some people on board had slingshots, (see generally, the fairy tale of David and Goliath) the IDF was entitled to shoot to kill? Every day, international shipping near Somalia is threatened by armed pirates. Russia, in particular, has had excellent success in stopping the pirates. When crews stand up to Somalian pirates, the world cheers (even though the truth is that Somalia has been made destitute by massive toxic dumps in its fishing waters by international multinational corporations, rendering a major food source dead or poisoned). When Turkish humanitarians try to feed the starving Gaza residents, they get shot and blamed for IDF’s actions.

Israel became a terrorist state yesterday. It is long past the time for America to stop all aid to Israel.

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