Papal Crimes and Misdemeanors

In some ways, both too much and too little is being made of the sex abuse crimes committed by Catholic priests around the world. From Poland to China, from Ireland to New York, from Los Angeles to Sao Paolo, priests routinely destroyed the lives of innocent little boys and girls.

Until 2005, the person who controlled every case, every claim, every piece of litigation around the world was Cardinal Ratzinger. To save electrons, I will simply call him the Rat.

The recent document release in Los Angeles again proves how closely the Rat followed each case, and controlled the actions of local officials.

While child abuse may be salacious and seedy, simply mentioning it in connection with the Rat may be good enough for MSM, but the Papal crimes go far deeper.

His resignation (something almost as rare as prayers being answered) is the fourth in the church’s 2000 year history of blood, war, murder, crusades, torture, and abuse. Perhaps that voice he heard telling him to resign was an echo of an abused’s child’s cry, as a well protected priest repeatedly sodomized and abused the kid.


From the Church of Ineffable Stupidity:

Let’s break down the crimes and misdemeanors into three groups. Even one of these should have been enough to cause the shut down of this evil organization. But all three?

1. A bloody, terrifying, and deadly history:

1099 – The First Crusade
Under Pope Urban’s orders, thousands of muslims, pagans, and excommunicated people were killed by Catholic crusaders. The devastation caused by the Pope’s troops caused future starvation and major loss of life.

1312 – Knights Templar
Pope Clement the V sought to enrich himself by concocting lies, murdering most of the leaders of the Knights, and stealing their lands, riches, and treasures. In doing so, he destroyed the first international banking system.

1545 – the Massacre of Merindol
Pope Paul decides to eradicate 24 villages which were populated by protestants. Thousands were killed, including women and children. The Pope pardons those involved.

1572 –  St. Bartholomew’s Massacre
Under the french crown’s orders, with strong papal support,  30,000 Huguenauts were murdered by Catholic goon squads, because of their protestant beliefs. The pope wrote and congratulated the french king on his success. Pope Gregory XIII issued a medal celebrating the murders, which was awarded to anyone who killed sufficient numbers of non-catholics.

1626-1631 – Bamberg Massacre
German catholics embark on non-stop witch hunts, causing the deaths of hundreds of innocents. German towns suffered greatly under the Church, with at least two towns having most women over the age of 30 being exterminated due charges of witchcraft.

I won’t bother mentioning the crusades to the Iberian Peninsula, used to clear out indigenous scientists, scholars, poets and scribes who made the mistake of being Muslim. I will ignore the Eastern European crusades, which wiped out indigenous tribes and cultures. And, temporarily, let’s forget about the later crusades to Save Jerusalem from its Own Peoples.

With this kind of history, how can anyone think that this organization is an asset to humanity?

2. Banking Scandals: Money laundering, drug dealing, arms trade

This topic alone could take volumes to describe. Remember Banco Ambrosiano, a Vatican scandal that led to the murders of bankers, witnesses, prosecutors, and blackmail by the Church and its mafia friends?  This scandal exploded in the 1980s.

Banco Ambrosiano was known as the Pope’s bank, or the Vatican’s bank. It provided criminal organizations an easy path to launder money and to transfer great sums to certain friends. Unsavory investments and worse went forward, When the Banco finally collapsed, records of financial support and bribery to both sides of the Nicaraguan revolution was tied to the Vatican. It profited from selling arms used in the killing of thousands.

Because laundering money was so profitable, the Vatican Bank stepped up and fill the shoes of Banco. Once again, criminal organizations, international drug dealers, arms dealers – often involving enemies of Italy and NATO, had a way to transfer huge amounts of money without US or Euro knowledge or oversight.

Money laundering for the Mafia, drug lords, weapons dealers, perhaps even terrorist states, and extremely questionable dealings by the Roman Curia were uncovered as recently as July, 2012. The man behind the crimes and their stonewalling cover-ups is the current  Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone. Not only does he double deal on the world political stage, he has his sticky fingers on the 7-8 Billion euros that are directly controlled by the Vatican. This does NOT include income, capital gains, or real estate investments.

There is no indication that the Vatican Bank and the Sec. of State have changed their ways since the 1980s, when the corrupt Milanese banker Robert Calvi and the mafia financier Michele Sidona were found to be dealing with drug dealers, weapons sales (to groups directly opposed to NATO interests), and other fascinating, corrupt practices. When one avenue for  crimes was ended because of the Banco collapse, (under Archbishop Paul Marcinkus) the Vatican simply moved its dirty dealings to two accounts at JP Morgan Chase, opened by the Vatican Bank.

Millions of Vatican dollars were deposited to one account in Milan, then transferred (and laundered) in another JP Morgan account in Germany, effectively erasing the trail of how the Vatican originally got the funds. After Italian police froze tens of millions of dollars in the Milan account, the Vatican pled, bribed, stonewalled, and pushed for the the re-openning of that account and release of those funds. Eventually Italy agreed to release the funds it froze, but it refuses to put the Vatican Bank back on the list of approved banks. In simpler terms, the Vatican Bank is still so dirty and connected with mob, drug, and arms dealing money, that not even the Italian Government allows it to do business with it, or allows it to do international business.

There is no way around the fact that the Vatican Bank invested in, profited from, and did everything possible to keep its many ties to crime and heavy duty criminals quiet. Many groups currently blowing up parts of our allies’ cities might have been armed and supported by the Vatican.

3. Rev. Marciel Maciel, Ireland. Poland. Spain. Los Angeles. Milwaukee. New York. Chicago. Milwaukee. Boston. Las Vegas (where catholic churches actually outnumber casinos) Rio. Mexico City. Beijing. Toronto. Boston. Germany. France.

The list of cities and countries currently investigating the Church’s sexual abuse of children continues to grow. The worst thing about it? How The Rat ran the office in charge of these crimes from 1982 to 2005. EVERY decision, every destruction of documents, every hidden witness, or transferred witness, every legal stance taken by the church in every country was approved and ordered by the Rat. His sole goal was to protect the accused, and to hide evidence. Never did he care for the kids whose lives were ruined.

The US Catholic church boasts of having 60 million sheeple. More than 100,000 children were sexually abused by this criminal organization – according to its own records!  Child Abuse statistics from the Catholic Church. The church admits that in the US alone, there were 6,195 priests who actively sexually abused children. Many of these criminals REMAIN ACTIVE as priests in the USA.

Any organization that cherishes, protects, and employs 6,000+ active criminals is not a holy institution. It is a criminal organization.

– – –

It would take a brave politician indeed to question the continued coddling and protection that Church has received from state and federal governments. Its tax free status, its huge land holdings through out the USA (it remains the biggest landowner in Chicago, sometimes secretly owning great swaths of the Loop and lakeside properties) and its manipulation of the bankruptcy laws should shock the conscience of any ethical human. But this church is not ethical.

As recently as 2003, high ranking Vatican members celebrated the hiding of child abusing priests and the destruction of documents. Here are the immoral words of just one such Vatican cardinal, Dario Castrillon Hoyos, thanking a bishop for his coverup:

I congratulate you for not denouncing a priest to the civil administration. You have acted well and I am please to have colleagues in the episcopate who, in the eyes of history and all other bishops in the world, preferred prison to denouncing his son and priest.


Take Milwaukee, for example. The Archdiocese faced more than 200 claims, involving several priests. So it transferred the culprits, without warning the new parishes of the priests’ abuse history. Faced with growing numbers of complaints, and seeing a great opportunity to screw the victims one more time, the archdiocese transferred tens of millions of dollars in assets to a small cemetery in Milwaukee, allegedly funding its upkeep. Given the small size and low cost of upkeep, this transfer keeps the cemetery in shape for more than a thousand years. And it keeps the millions out of the hands of those greedy little children who dared attract those innocent priests.
Luckily, the tide is turning. Recently,  Illinois and Minnesota withdrew their statutes of limitation on sexual child abuse crimes, and New York is actively working its own statute. BY withdrawing these bars to civil recovery, victims who frequently covered up and hid their own abuse can finally seek some remedy, even though the abuse likely scarred them for life.

As for this new pope, Francis? According to attorneys on the street, those involved in child abuse litigation, nothing has changed. The same hardball tactics, the same reluctance to comply with discovery, and the same insulting approach to the victims continues unabated.

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