July 28 – the Church of Ineffable stupidity

Tony and I met and talked. And it was a good talk. We talked frankly and franks and beans. It was a frank talk. So, we were talking, and by talking we do something called “communicate”. And that’s good!

I mean, other than Texacan Republicans, what sort of political party goes around armed? See? You hear what I’m thinking? Do I agree with me? And what I means are that they aren’t real democratics, but terra-ists. And being terra-ists they hate us for our freedoms and they despise us for our democracities. And they is the same undercurrent that caused 9/11, so we cannot afford to have them in their own democracy for that reason.

See? It’s simple. We don’t like them policies of terra-ists, so we send missiles to Israel until we feel ready to talk about piece.

Piece is always been our goal. A real piece will happen. A real good piece (like Condi) is hard. It’s hard work. SO to get the right piece, we need to get the Root. The Kellogg Root and Haliburton piece before there can be a sustainable see’s far.

A tempa-mary see’s far will only bring us back to where we are again where we were before then now. See? That would only lead to another 9/11. See, by fighting them over there, we won’t have to fight ’em over there. So a see’s far won’t work until we kill a couple thousand more Lebanese traitors and anti-democratics. Because they started this. They ignorated the UN, 1559 resolvution. And their bad. Their bad men. And women. And teens. Bad. So, we have to attack to defend. We are defending by invading, just like Iraqnam. And soon, with our piece plan, lebanon will be the same success like Iraqnam.

And when I say we, I mean them and us. Them being us and them Israelis armies.