Of course, there’s a terra-alert

Chertoff and Gonzo suggested, in no uncertain terms, that this was a Al Qaida action based in the UK.

Let’s look at the “facts” as disclosed so far.

a) all 21 arrested were domestic Brit citizens.
b) they were well organized
c) they were working in concert
d) they planned to combine two fluids to make an explosive.
e) they were targetting US-bound flights.

– – – – –

And from this they come up with Al Qaida? Exceuse me, but bullshit.
a) if all were brit citizens, how do we know that they weren’t planning to take revenge on Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, or worse, McDonalds? Anyone want to bet that over time the 21 will decrease to 10, then 5, and after november, 1 or 2? Of course, being domestic BRIT citizens is the most powerful reason to call them Al Qaida.

b) What? ONLY AQ knows how to talk, plan and coordinate? Assuming this attack was going to occur, you have to be a Wahhabi trained muslim in order to read more than one plane schedule at any time? Since when does organization equate to muslim terrorist cells? If that were the case, Karl Rove’s election plans could also fall under that definition.

c) Working in concert? LIke a sports team? impossible for anyone other than a Saudi trained in Afghanistan or Pakistan. absolutely impossible.

d) duh. Take 4 parts glycerine. (the purer, the better) Get ice from the stew for your vodka. cool it off. Take 2 parts Nitric acid. Take 1 part Sulphuric acid. Mix carefully within banging, or friction. The globular stuff can be washed off with water in the lavoratory. Once you collect it, and rinse off the sulphuric and other liquids, you en up with nitroglycerin.
Nitro explodes with great force in small amounts. In fact, the warmer it gets, the more unstable it is and the more likely to blow. You can mix this in your garage in 15 minutes.
but of course, only Al Qaida would have the “techincal” knowledge to mix two or more liquids to create “an explosive”.

This smells. Something is rotten about this whole event. I simply cannot trust our government anymore.

What I did on my August Vacation.

First, let’s be clear about a few thing. It’s hard. It’s hard work. Working hard. Hard working. I earn my time off. And August is my time off. All of it. Always.
Another thing, these voices keep telling it like I be. I am the government. What I says, they goes. And idn’t fair for congress to take off the whole month, and not me. So, I got this comin. Besides, Condi will dress me up and take me out to those TV cameras. That’s hard work, too.

Besides, August is a dead month. Can’t sell new product in August. Can’t design no new piece in August. Can’t do no nothin in August. So, that’s that.

IraqNam is doin good. It is a ROLE MODEL for the rest of dem sand jockeys. it is a DE MO CRA CY, and that’s a good thing. How can it be a civil war? It ain’t. Fer one thing, there ain’t no slaves. A civil’s gotta have slaves. Can’t have a civil without ’em. So, it’s not a civil.

Do I know what else you think? Like about Baghdad and this sex-tarian violence? well, can’t make eggs without cracking a few om’lets. And om’lets are good. Heh heh.
Had a good one this morning. Cheese, onions and on the side, some of dat pig roast I brung back from Germany. Man, now, there’s a breakfast. Now you see, I can vacation because we are a democracy and so are the iraqistanis. They spoke their voices and voted with their thumbs. So this violence is just a corner we need to turn. And they will be a strong ally on the war on terra. That’s a success, not some sexytarian war. “cause it ain’t civil.

So Iraqnam is goin good. Our plan is working. They got a GOV EARN MINT that they elected. So, it’s good. Your gotta unnerstand, it’s A Democratic in Action.

Now about this Lebanon thing. Israel has a right to defer itself. And those folks on Syria and Iran and Iraqnam have gotta unnerstand, that they gotta quit supporting terra-ists. They gotta quit or else.
And we have a plan. It’s a good plan. It’s a plan that we – Condi ‘n me, we worked hard on that plan. So it is good. And that plan is how to keep the peace. And only with a real plan will peace come about. So all this crazy talk about cease-fires, well that’s just plain silly. If there is a cease fire, we can’t have a real piece. Without a real piece there will be no war, so that’s why we can’t have a cease fire. It won’t be real.

I mean, if they – the terra-ists would just stop attacking Israel, and if they sat down over a dinner, and we had a pig roast and talked over a meal, like, with Israel, we could work all this out. But we can’t. Because they is terra-ists. Can’t sit and eat with terra-ists. Can’t dine on pig roasts with terra-ists. Can’t talk to terra-ists. So that’s the plan.

So, my vacation is right and good now. Iraqnam is good. Lebanon is in good hands. heh, heh. In good hands, like State Farm. Like on my farm. my ranch. So vacations are good.
Now, watch this drive.