“I am more troubled today, after meeting with Ambassador Rice”

1989 – John McCain was accused of corruption in the Keating Five scandal, that ended up costing the Federal Government more than $3 BILLION dollars. He was sanctioned by the Ethics Committee in 1991 for accepting a portion of $1.5 million dollars in bribes paid by Keating.

2000 – John McCain accepted hundreds of thousands in campaign contributions from AT&T as Senate Commerce Committee chair, in exchange for favoring certain businesses and industries  with favorable legislation.

2002 – John McCain pushes for passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 that would possibly regulate and control blogger sites like dKos, Booman, TPM, and DU.

2003 – John McCain had a long standing sexual affair with  Vicki Iseman, a lobbyist who traded sex with that doddering old fart for legislative favors. McCain lied under oath in a subsequent deposition, and refused to answer questions about how often he plugged Iseman during his 2008 campaign.

– – – – – – –

Dateline November 27, 2012:

John McCain continued to embarrass himself, complaining about what he learned from Susan Rice in a closed door meeting with other desperate, griping, clueless GOP senatwhores.

Clearly practicing his sTalking points for Sunday mourning news programs, McCain claimed, before the meeting, that Rice had secret intel that contradicted her statements to Congress, as well as her statements on T & V. He also assaulted her intelligence and work ethic by claiming that she had an independent duty to do her own investigation.

R i i i i ght, John. We waste untold billions a year on intel programs, (it remains a state secret how much in tax dollars the CIA and NSA get in order to spy on Americans in America) and you want the UN Ambassador to investigate on her own intel she is given by the top guys in the CIA?

Maybe she could have done so, had your favorite President, Vice, the Dick of Cheney, not SHUT DOWN STATE’S WONDERFUL INTEL UNIT because they kept contradicting him and his war plans.

McCain and his merry band of Go Pee morans (Lindsey Graham* and Kelly Ayotte* * ) were out in fool farce, complaining that they now know less and believe far less after having their own version of the Spanish Inquisition against Amb. Rice.

Shame? These clowns? NEVER. What we are seeing is a preview of the next two years. Obstruction, lies, deceit, attacks (baseless) and attacks (wrongheaded) will be their modus operendi.

– – – –

* Lindsey Graham promised to filly-buster all of Obama’s nominees who had any connection with his faux Benghazi “scandal.” The real scandal is that Graham remains in office. Here’s his comments on 11/11:  I do reserve unto myself and other members of congress the ability to say no when justified. I cannot imagine promoting anybody associated with Benghazi at this point.” His statements this morning were even more pointed and attacking.

* * Kelly Ayotte earned fame and infamy as the Attorney General of New Hampshire. Instead of seeking a life sentence in a murder case, she demanded the death penalty. New Hampshire has not had a death sentence in over 60 years, has no facilities to carry out such a sentence, and estimated that building the infrastructure to carry out the sentence (that complies with older USSC requirements) would cost over $3,000,000. For one sentence.

She also refused to prosecute Financial Resources Mortgage for a $100,000,000 Ponzi scheme, obviously working  on her pro business resume.

Ayotte has been named as a top contender for the VP nomination in 2016, by unnamed sources. Rumors that those unnamed sources are Ayotte staffers have not been confirmed. As yet.

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